The Magic of Christmas is an inspiration for us all

I am truly humbled.

For 22 years, I’ve been in the people business. I am privileged to serve great business people. They work with our company to effectively support manage their most important asset:  Their people.

Magic of Christmas

How do we do it?

Modern-day cloud software, professional expertise, and processes and efficiencies all help, but our most important tool is the people of BCN Services who are well-trained and certified and are  specialists in human resources, benefits, payroll, risk management, accounting and technology integration.

Day in and day out, our clients and their employees need our BCN specialists to go to the wall for them — and they do — which is what makes BCN so different.

A special volunteer brings magic to Christmas

A couple of years back, I attended a charity golf outing and was introduced to Debbie Williams-Hoak, who works throughout the year to provide for children in our local communities who wouldn’t otherwise have a Christmas.

Her program is called “The Magic of Christmas” and it works like this: Families list the clothing they need and the toys they want.  Donors shop, buy and wrap each child’s gifts.  Local law enforcement officers become Santa Claus and deliver the gifts. This gift-giving and bond-building encourages trust by engaging the community’s children in a positive way.

I introduced Debbie to my staff last Christmas.  They responded generously with both their time and gifts.

BCN staff gives from the heart

This year, I brought Debbie back to retell her story because we have added a few new members to our team. My staff responded again by more than doubling their donations and we collectively provided a Christmas for 30 children in need in our community!

So this week’s blog is about my friend Debbie and the amazing people of BCN, and how they make a difference.  I am honored by all that you do. Thank you!


Andrew C. Hans, President and CEO

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