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Conducting business today is more challenging and complex:  Increasing sales, protecting revenue and business productivity are keys to my future, all while staying competitive and avoiding lawsuits.  See how BCN Service’s Business Strategy Team can help.
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The dynamics of controlling costs in the face of new regulations, while containing costs long-term, present challenges to the bottom line.  How do we hire for the long term, reduce turnover, be more productive, and yet drive more to the bottom line?  BCN’s HR Strategies offer answers.
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HR Manager


How do I effectively hire the right staff, procure the best benefits and maintain a safe work environment that protects our company and the employees?  I need help keeping up with paperwork and reporting.  Let BCN be your resource and partner.
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Welcome to the newly remodeled BCN website

We’ve designed it to be clean and simple, yet achieve the goal of being a one-stop resource for our clients and the business community at large. Since the evolution of BCN from a basic provider of insurance products in its first 65 years to a full-service Human Resources management company and co-employer service in the past 20, BCN continues to deliver a high level of personalized service in a data- and internet-based service environment.  Our approach offers our clients the best of both worlds.  This is the second major step in the evolution of our world-class web portal.  We hope you enjoy our new site.

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