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Pandemic Pushes Sanitation Company to Grow HR Fast

Midwest Enviro Solutions


Midwest Enviro Solutions is a sanitation company based out of Manchester, MI. The company was founded by owner Rick Allen who began his career in home inspection in the early 1980s. He later pivoted to focus on a more specific set of client needs: testing and treating homes and offices for mold and other harmful air contaminants.

Due to the pandemic causing a boom in the sanitation and decontamination needs throughout the community, owner Rick Allen found his small business growing rapidly. To meet the needs of the community, additional staff was required, and with that came a growing need for fast and simple HR solutions. Midwest Enviro Solutions partnered with BCN to address these needs.

The Challenge

Midwest Enviro Solutions was expanding rapidly and needed to be able to focus on growing their business to be able to provide more of their vitally important sanitation and decontamination services. The company needed help with the HR services to accommodate this growth, and fast.

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Their specific needs were:

Payroll Processing

Benefits / Administration

Remitting Payroll Taxes

HR Assistance

Finding Workers Compensation

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The Solution

BCN and Midwest Enviro Solutions were able to sit down and discuss the company’s immediate needs as well as look to the future and discuss additional needs for the long-term. Through an open dialogue, in April of 2020, BCN was able to come up with a plan that was then quickly implemented to resolve these HR concerns.

BCN provided the following services and tools:

Payroll processing

Employee 401(k) plans

Best-in-class Workers Compensation

An online portal

Access to competitive employee benefits

With BCN’s easy-to-use online portal, staff members are given the flexibility to complete tasks at any time, day or night, at their convenience.

If questions arise, staff members are able to email BCN for support and get a quick response without needing to pick up the phone or sync up schedules in a real-time chat.

The Results

Through the services offered by BCN, Midwest Enviro Solutions was able to offer employee programs that it could not have provided otherwise. These offerings appealed not only to current employees but to potential new hires as well. In short, Midwest Enviro Solutions was able to have full-service HR benefits without the overhead of hiring an internal HR department and employees love it.

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MidWest Enviro Solutions Testimonials

“I am able to focus on my business and growing it. BCN is able to handle all my requests within hours usually if not minutes. I don’t have to worry about what is being done and my employees are well taken care of.”
Rick Allen
Rick Allen
Anytime I have any questions, I have not just one main contact but several people I can reach out to if I need something. The quick response and accuracy of the answers I receive saves so much time in both thought and worry.
Wendy Allen
Wendy Allen
Director of Marketing