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Case Study
Rightaway: The Time-Specific Specialists


Rightaway Delivery was looking for a way to save both time and money. Burdened with HR duties like payroll and payroll tax processing, they were paying exorbitant Worker’s Comp insurance rates and felt their employee benefits package was inadequate. They also needed help compiling an employee handbook.

Since 1999, the company has specialized in the prompt delivery of time-sensitive packages and documents, including live organs for transplant, legal documents for court filings, mechanical parts for broken down machinery, and anything requiring quick and efficient delivery.

Rightaway partnered with BCN Services to streamline their employee benefits package, develop a company handbook, and save time and money in HR proceedings.

The Challenge

Rightaway Delivery was strapped with high Workers’ Compensation insurance rates. They were dealing with different companies for WC, health insurance, and IRAs. Payroll and payroll tax processing was too time-consuming, and they wanted to compile an employee handbook of rules and policies.

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Their specific goals were to:

Save money

Reduce risk and liability

Conserve Time

Have an employee handbook

Get the best benefits package possible for their employees

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The Solution

When Rightaway Delivery became a client of BCN Services in 2016, they were willing to accept that they were doing things the wrong way. To improve the process and make everything easier, they sat down with BCN to review their business and employee structures. They examined the existing benefits package and looked at how to implement better HR practices. Together they began working on an employee handbook.

BCN provided the following services:

Payroll processing

Retirement plan reporting

Workers’ Compensation processing

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rules and regulations

Health, dental, and life insurances

Employee handbook creation

BCN Services found ways to help Rightaway Delivery save time and money while offering a better benefits package to employees. They helped them to limit risk liability, as well.

The Results

Rightaway Delivery started seeing results immediately. Administration fees were less than they were paying for a Worker’s Comp policy, and their employees got the opportunity to add dental insurance. By the renewal date for health insurance, they had a better plan at a better price. They were able to put policies in place and develop procedures for disciplinary action, and everyone from the top down was able to know exactly where they stood and what they were entitled to in terms of benefits, vacation, sick days, etc.

Within two years of going into partnership with BCN Services, Rightaway had to deal with their first FMLA. Much to the company’s relief, BCN Services knew exactly what to do for the employee. They no longer have to worry about payroll tax deadlines or if they are filed correctly. Everything is now handled for them.

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Rightaway Delivery Testimonial

Working with BCN has saved us time and money. Our employees are better served with benefits, and it is truly a pleasure working with our BCN payroll team, insurance, and HR specialists.
Leah Rouse
Leah Rouse
Chief Financial Officer