COVID-19 Resources

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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources and Quick Links

There is an overload of information being published around the world regarding COVID-19 and its effects on employers and employees, as well as about the virus itself.   This page is meant to capture key links and information from BCN Bulletins sent,  our HR staff, and other general information provided by friends of BCN who are all part of this war on our world health and our economy.

BCN is operating during COVID-19

BCN Services continues to operate uninterrupted during this time of COVID-19. Pursuant to all state orders, we continue to work in full compliance to conduct our minimum basic operations including payroll and benefits in our Ann Arbor office and will relocate the balance of our staff to work at home as the law requires.

You should experience no change in your services.

State health orders have been adjusted based upon geographic areas and business types and to offer guidance about reopening. See the most recent health guidance from the state of Michigan.

Please contact us if we can assist you in the reopening process.

— Andrew C. Hans, CEO and President

Reopening your Business after COVID-19

BCN Services can help you return to regular operations (blog)

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