Recruiting Instructions

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New to workfountain?

First thing’s first: this is not your average job board, and for good reason! Our blind-match technology pre-screens opportunities to find you the right fit, faster! Ready to get started?

Select the type of candidates your posting should reach.Add basic info about the position(s) next.
Choose full- and part-time, internship, or seasonal. Internships cost up to $19, while other postings are just $39 per posting.Number of hours, days of the week, and compensation details come in here. You’ll also add a brief position description, but no need to request resumes or cover letters.
Select the Job Titles that best describe the position you are looking to fill.Answer your job specific sliding-scale employer survey.
Choose from our suggestions based on the opportunity title, or search titles manually.Each job title has its own unique questions; answer them all! Your responses are the key to your match destiny.
Select job board dissemination.Promote your posting.
Your posting will automatically broadcast to our network of over 5,000 free job boards! In addition, you can elect to post your opportunity to premium sites. interprise accounts will be billed for these premium postings.Your posting is live! Paste the posting’s custom link into social media posts or other job ads to direct candidates to be scored, screened, and stack-ranked for your review.

Manage Your Matches
1. We display your top 7 matches on your dashboard. Remove any you are not interested in!
2. See a candidate you like? Click Request to Connect to request a resume & contact info.
3. If candidates request to connect with you, accept if you’re interested, or remove it!
4. Once connected, find a candidate’s information and Interview Prep Report under Connections.
5. No matches? No problem! Our system continuously searches for new matches for you. We’ll
notify you by email any time there is a new match or direct applicant to review.

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