BCN Services

30th Anniversary Countdown: Assisting Through the Pandemic

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Today, and every day, we honor the iconic BCN name and the reputation of our Ann Arbor founders (est. 1928) by delivering high-quality, tightly integrated HR solutions to clients of many industries and business sizes.

This year we are honored to celebrate our 30th anniversary and are reminded of the many valued relationships that have made the last 3 decades a success. Our team has worked hard to adapt and thrive throughout that time and we strive to create a successful and honest business built with our core values in mind. 

We’d like to take a moment to reflect on this significant achievement and highlight how we have recently guided other organizations down a road of understanding and success. 

Our team of professionals have grown with our clients and endured a wide range of difficulties, business recessions and a pandemic. The pandemic, specifically, impacted us all. There was a time when businesses struggled to move ahead and find next steps. At BCN, we knew we had to be that guiding light for our clients during the time of uncertainty. So we formulated strategies, developed new policies and plans, and gathered information from our trusted sources to provide the best solutions for our customers.

In Michigan alone, there are a total of 83 counties; Both state and individual counties have different compliance and regulations. At the start of the pandemic, our team worked endlessly to prepare for these new agendas and navigate the changing landscape of the workforce. For weeks, our internal staff called county-to-county to become first on the list for vaccine eligibility. We educated our customers and dedicated days on end to ensuring their business could still prosper through this tribulation and provide for their own employees.

Handling the pandemic was one of several challenges that we have faced over our span of (almost) 30 years. We look forward to what lies ahead and thank all of our current clients and employees that have made it all possible.

Keep an eye out for next months post to read more about BCN Services and our next highlight of the 30 year countdown!

Image Above: The original “BCN” (1970) featured in its 52nd year in business!