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Anatomy of a claim: Why It costs you money and how we can help

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Have you experienced the misfortune of having one of your employees hurt on the job?  What happens in the ensuing hours and days determines both the care of your employee and can often drive the cost of your insurance for the next four years.

You are a responsible employer.  You send your employee to a nearby clinic and complete your OSHA Form 100.  You file a “First Report of Injury” to your agent or carrier, begin the process of medical treatment, and expect a speedy return to work.

This is where the difficulty begins.  In a perfect world, the above steps, properly timed and managed, result in a doctor’s visit and some short-term planning for getting the employee’s work done while they mend.  What often happens next can spiral your costs upward, many fold, and can affect your rates for years.

A typical employer workers’ comp claim, even with the best of breed insurance carriers, can involve upwards of 6 claims adjusters in the process.  Traditional carriers have specialties divided among staff for business efficiencies, but the cost for these types of handoffs and the possibility of miscommunication can be significant for any ONE claim.

BCN Services offers a unique “point-of-service” approach to workers’ compensation claims, where BCN’s Risk Manager, and ONE Dedicated Claims Adjuster manage care for your employee, from the time they are injured until they are able to return to work.   A support team, including our national loss control and legal teams, meet regularly to support claims closure and focus on each employee’s care and return to work.

The results of our business model are exceptional service for our client, extraordinary care for the employee, all while controlling your long-term costs.  It is a true win-win for our clients.

We have many cases that evidence how this system works for our clients.   We would enjoy sharing more about why our clients choose BCN and how we can help you and your business. Contact us today.