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BCN has solutions for your Affordable Care Act challenges

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Do you know about the latest solution for employees and employers struggling with the increasing deductibles of ACA-compliant plans?

BCN and Aflac have partnered on a new offering called Aflac Group to help with these Affordable Care Act concerns.  This plan is only being offered through BCN Services to our client partners.

The benefits of these plans are:

  • Guaranteed-issue for employees.
  • Fixed rates for employees and employers.
  • Can be used in conjunction with major medical plans to help offset the deductible!

These plans address two of the biggest challenges facing employees and employers under the ACA: increase in deductibles and variable pricing on quotes.

As employers move to plans with deductibles or increase their deductibles, employees often cannot afford the upfront costs of medical care if they are hit with a serious health incident.  One solution would be to add the Aflac Group Hospital Indemnity plan which allows for $1,000 upfront payment and $200 per day for a hospital admission.  This will bridge the gap between a deductible plan and provide coverage until the deductible is met.  This coverage can be either employee paid or employer paid.

The second challenge employers face is the variable or individual pricing employers are receiving on major medical quotes.  The Aflac Group products are guaranteed issue and guaranteed pricing.  You will know exactly what the costs are for your employees.

There are presently three different Aflac Group options offered:

  • Aflac Group Hospital Indemnity
  • Aflac Group Critical Illness
  • Aflac Group Accident Advantage

To learn more about any or all of these offerings and how they can be offered in conjunction with your major medical plans, please contact BCN at 800-891-9911, contact us here or email us at

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