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Be aware of restrictions when hiring minors this summer

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Memorial Day and end of school signify the beginning of the summer season so you may be looking to hire minor employees as temporary help in the coming months.

This can be an excellent solution to filling your vacancies, but be aware of some important regulations pertaining to youth employment.

A working minor under Michigan law is defined as someone who is younger than 18 years old. They can be an employee, volunteer, independent contractor or performing artist.

A work permit is needed

In most cases, minors must have a valid work permit on file. That is the case if they attend a traditional school, an online school or are home-schooled.

Obtain work permits in Michigan from the “Michigan school issuing officer” (typically the chief administrator) in the school district the minor attends or where he or she will work.

A new work permit will be required if the minor changes jobs.

There are time and hour restrictions

There are restrictions on the times of day minors can work and how many hours they can work each day.

These restrictions lessen when school is not in session. But it is important to be aware of specific youth employment regulations for your area.

Take care to give breaks and consider job duties

Minors are eligible for meal and rest breaks. In Michigan, employers must give a 30-minute meal and rest period to any minor who works more than 5 continuous hours.

Minors may not work in certain industries or perform certain job duties. As an example, they cannot sell alcohol or work in most construction-related jobs.

Do you have questions about how youth employment regulations affect your business? Contact the experts at BCN Services at 1-800-891-9911. Students, parents, employers and educators can also find more information on the U.S. Department of Labor’s YouthRules!website.