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‘Boomerang employees’ are worth a second look

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In my first role as a Human Resources professional, our company, like many, had a no re-hire policy. Regardless of an individual’s reason for leaving the job, or how valuable they had been, the message was clear: Don’t bother to reapply.

But many companies are changing their philosophy and considering rehiring so-called “boomerang employees” who want to return to the fold.

People leave positions for a wide variety of reasons including personal life events, professional growth opportunities, and sometimes just the itch to try something new and different. Even the best companies can end up losing favored associates.

But as the saying goes, you never know where the next path may lead and what new opportunities await. And these opportunities can be great for both employees and employers.

Employers benefit from boomerang employees’ previous company knowledge, as well as the new experiences they bring back with them. Less training is required and many employees that come back due so with a greater appreciation for the work and their coworkers. Keeping in touch with former employees can sometimes result in position matches which might not have been imagined had they stayed in the position they were in. aAd don’t discount the employer savings in advertising and training costs.

Former employees that want to come back into the fold should make sure the company’s Human Resources Manager, as well as their former colleagues, know that they are interested in opportunities. Sometimes it’s a different manager or department that has the position that turns out to be a great fit.

Consider these employees as you would any other applicant: Look at their experience, how they fit into your corporate culture and whether their return would add to the talent bank of your company.

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Sue Kester, HR Manager