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Business branding: Follow the gridiron ad approach on a smaller scale

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This year a record-setting 162.9 million tuned in to watch the big game on Sunday night, making the NFL Super Bowl the most watched television event ever, according to Twitter.  Most people say they watch the Super Bowl for the ads instead of the actual game.

What, as a business can we learn from these Super Bowl ads?  Most companies do not have the resources to pay for a Super Bowl ad, which costs upwards of $4 million but as  business owners, we can learn some interesting strategies from these ads. PR consultant, Darcy Grabenstein noted the following strategies:

  1. Branding.  Super Bowl ads are about branding.  Over time these companies see the value in their exposure but not necessarily in their bottom line.  Branding is a crucial part of a company’s marketing plan.
  2. Humor.  People remember something funny.  A little humor can go a long way.  Humor can help with your branding.  Too much humor can turn off consumer, as well.
  3. Exposure.  This year with a record viewing of the Super Bowl, exposure is definitely what companies are going for when purchasing an ad.
  4. Emotion.  These ads tend to tug at our emotions.  They bring in puppies, babies, and, love to connect with us the viewer in hopes to capture us.

Although these ads cost millions of dollars, we can learn from them and tailor our advertising to fit whatever level we advertise.  Incorporating these strategies into  your own marketing plan can help bring awareness to your business.

But,  that said, who was the big winner of the Super Bowl and what can we learn from this big winner?  Hashtags!  According to Marketing Land’s Danny Sullivan, more than half of the 53 ads in the Superbowl used hashtags, up 50 percent from last year’s Super bowl.  Commercials are using hashtags as a way to incorporate social media and it’s working.  Simply incorporating a hashtag in their message gets the word out on Facebook and Twitter without choosing one social media tool over the other.

Even though the game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks is over for this year, with quite the win for the Seahawks, the competition for social media and your attention will go on and on.

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Wendy Allen, Marketing Manager