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Companies: Consider up-to-date tech tools for your employees

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Most company owners and managers agree that recruiting costs have increased, high-quality employees are in high demand and short supply, and employees are their biggest asset. But companies often fall short when providing valued employees the tools and technology that they need to help them be successful. This is something that should be high on an employer’s priority list.

Today’s employees want to work in digitally savvy organizations and employers needing to attract and retain employees must provide the up-to-date technologies and tools that employees need, and want, in order to perform their jobs well.

While the average employer isn’t ready to have an artificial intelligence receptionist greet guests or have employees sign up for health care open enrollment at a kiosk, employers must implement technologies for a more connected, efficient and modern workplace.

Consider user-friendly systems

The market is saturated with software and technology “solutions” designed to perform whatever task a company desires. However, employers must vet these systems to ensure that their use doesn’t burden employees. If the systems aren’t user friendly, employees won’t use them.

This leads us to training. Many software systems boast “intuitive” solutions, but don’t let this claim lead you to skimp on training. Training is an important part of helping employees to feel connected to the systems and to each other. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that an employee is successful in using any technology.

The ability to share screens is a great way to demo a product, to show off your website or train your employees. Slack, Webex, and GoToMeeting are all relatively inexpensive technology programs that can close a logistical distance by allowing employees to connect online.

Skype and Facetime are interactive programs that originated with personal use technology and have widened the possibilities of how people connect during the workday. What’s better than a face-to-face when you’re having a meeting with a remote client, employee or job candidate?

Tools needed to keep employees efficient

Keeping your employees engaged and enabled in today’s business requires that they have the tools and technology to make that happen. Fortunately, doing so is easier than it has ever been for the small employer.

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