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From our CEO: Thanks in a time of COVID

Man in business suit

The COVID-19 crisis rages on and, as an essential provider, we continue to work hard while our small-to-medium business clients suffer in one of the more difficult domiciles: Michigan.

We are fortunate to have some of our clients designated as essential, while others found creative ways to be essential during this battle with the virus. I am very thankful as a business owner, because this provided revenue for us to operate.

HR landscape has forever changed due to COVID

These clients operating and running payrolls have allowed us to remain at relatively full strength, and we have needed to be. The HR landscape has changed for everyone. Massive unemployment, a new set of leave rules for small business, the SBA PPP loan program (twice), and new behavioral rules (social distancing) have created masses of government paperwork and executive orders at all three major levels of government.

Making sense of it all is OUR part of the job. For that, I am very thankful as a co-employer and HR provider.

Our office of HR professionals (some deemed essential and some not) have implemented a disaster recovery plan with no end to the disaster in clear sight. We deployed all forms of communication and operational technology virtually overnight in a COVID work-from-home strategy, all while delivering essential payroll and benefits services on-site.

First-hand knowledge of virus impact

We have fiercely followed the guidelines and kept our workplace safe, yet we faced our own, sobering positive COVID-19 result and workplace decontamination experience. So, we were our own, first test case in protecting the workplace and managing the steps of “what to do” when COVID strikes. Blessed with healthy outcomes, it makes me very proud of our team and thankful for the results.

I worry for us all, but especially for those who have had to shut down completely. We are NOW focused on helping our clients restart. It is important that this happen for all business owners, and now is the time to do it safely, with strong processes and disciplines.

This week, with our fantastic insurance partner at USI, we conducted the first of many “how to” online sessions about how to re-open safely and operate effectively in a COVID-19 environment. Some great businesses attended and participated. We all know how important it is to work together, make a difference, and create and execute the plan. For that, I am thankful.

I welcome a steady return to economic success in a safe and prosperous world. I expect our BCN Team to continue to be part of the solution as we face this problem together. For that outcome, I will be eternally thankful.