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BCN Services can train employees and keep you forklift safety compliant

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Did you know that the fifth most cited OSHA/MIOSHA violation involves forklifts?  A serious case can cost up to $7,000 per violation a repeated violation up to $70,000 per violation.  A willful violation can cost an employer between $5,000-$70,000 per violation.

BCN Services has a four-part program that can have your employees trained with a forklift permit in hand quickly and efficiently

Only qualified, trained operators who have successfully completed a training program and received a written permit are allowed to operate forklifts.  Drivers need to be properly trained and renew their individual operator permits every 3 years.  As an employer, you are responsible to provide forklift training.

Forklift training must involve four parts:

  1. Formal instruction (e.g. video tapes, interactive computer training or written materials)
  2. Practical training (i.e. demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee)
  3. The trainee passing an actual driving evaluation before beginning his or her initial job assignment
  4. Obtaining an operator’s permit

Here’s the good news!  BCN Services can help you achieve all four parts:

  1. Your employees receive OSHA-compliant forklift training via our online training portal on our website at and visiting the login section.  The first part of the interactive training takes about an hour and can be done in a small group/classroom setting with an internet connection.  Or, if you prefer, training may be done individually, depending on what works best for your operation.
  2. The second part of forklift training can be performed by your most experienced forklift driver at your facility with the assistance of a BCN Services forklift truck operator evaluation form. Contact us to receive this form.
  3.  The third part of the training (the driving test) can also be completed on-site with your most experienced forklift driver evaluating and using the same form.
  4. Upon completion of each step, BCN Services will provide your drivers with an equipment operator permit and a laminated certificate of completion.  (BCN Services will also handle the necessary recordkeeping for each driver).

To get set up with this process, call Patrick Boeheim at 800-891-9911, ext. 108.  Have the names of your drivers ready to expedite on-line enrollment within one business day.


Patrick Boeheim, Risk Manager