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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month- PEO Defender

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Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Held every October, this annual campaign works to raise awareness about cybersecurity and highlight best practices to protect yourself and your organization from serious threats. This years’ theme, “See Yourself in Cyber”,  demonstrates that while cybersecurity may seem like a complex subject, ultimately, it’s really all about people.

The internet has become a pillar of modern businesses, where personal and organization data lives.  That is why it is so crucial to tighten security measures, create and implement improved precautions and continue to educate others on the importance of data privacy and protection. 

At BCN Services, we take our involvement in the cybersecurity environment seriously, to ensure the safety and protection of our own database as well as that of our clients. As a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) it is especially important that we navigate the rapidly changing and increasingly important digital security landscape, which is why we helped to form PEO DEFENDER.

PEO defender aims to lower cybersecurity risk across the entire PEO industry by providing tools, resources and information. The joining of forces by hundreds of PEO, to combat security breaches, better allows organizations to fight back against internal and external data crimes, while also lowering costs. 

The following is a list of best practice areas that BCN Services uses to learn and progress in the cybersecurity realm:

  • Third party audits and risk analysis
  • Hardware and software configuration and an ongoing plan for infrastructure upgrades
  • Governance policies
  • Contract terms with vendors
  • Work From Home security model
  • Internal employee data/IP theft protection
  • Incident response program
  • Employee security training and testing model

Our involvement with PEO Defender also gives access to a variety of partnerships that help support our security efforts:

  • Cybersecurity Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)
  • Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Penetration Testing
  • Employee Awareness Training & Testing
  • Dark Web / Deep Web / Social Media Monitoring
  • Cryptocurrency Brokers
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Event Response

BCN has been and continues to provide a safe environment for its customer data, much of which requires protection by law.  We will endeavor through ongoing diligence and participation in industry leading cybersecurity groups like PEO Defender to be one step ahead of the threats posed by criminal elements operating on the internet and the deep web.  

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