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Orient and onboard your new employees online

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There is a lot of chatter about the importance of onboarding and orientations for new employees and there is good reason for that. Finding the best candidates and employees takes creativity, time, energy and money. Once you find these talented individuals, you want to keep them!

Using an electronic onboarding system is a time-saver, helps make a great first impression with your new employee and creates a better new employee experience.

Why should I onboard electronically?

Making required documents and tasks electronic where possible is more efficient. An online onboarding tool captures your new employee demographic information, completes direct deposit, collects I-9 and tax forms will make that first impression of your team count. Add in your own branding and communications and voila — your company is looking even more professional.

Electronic onboarding allows you to correspond with new employees. Send out a “welcome to the team” message and have them acknowledge the company handbook, non-compete agreements or other needed information.

Keep these benefits in mind:

  • Offers a better employee user experience
  • Extends your company brand
  • Helps ensure accurate record-keeping and up-to-date data
  • Reduces the need for storing paper files, taking up less office space
  • Is convenient for onboarding out-of-state employees
  • Streamlines payroll & benefits

Make the first impression of your organization count

Orientation and onboarding are key for new employees and for helping to bring them into the corporate culture. According to an article on the SHRM blog, effective onboarding “should acclimate the new employee to … become a contributing member of the staff in the briefest period possible,” all the while helping them to become a productive member of your company’s team.

The onboarding process can sometimes take several months as you bring an employee into the organization.  BCN Services offers a full onboarding process and comprehensive online portals for both employers and employees that will keep your business humming. As always, BCN Services is happy to be a part of your HR process. Let’s talk!