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PPACA – Changing the landscape for employers, small and large

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continues to dominate the news  every day,  with the realization that what was passed into law in 2010 and upheld in the Supreme Court as a tax to all Americans is now about to take effect – or is it?

The concept of mandated payments into the “health system” still is an overwhelmingly unpopular topic, and the realization that everyone, not just those that choose it, will be funding our health care system.  To understand what will happen, just follow the money.

Take care of us, sons and daughters

Young, healthy, and generally un (or under) insured populations are now going to see the largest increases in cost (particularly if they were paying nothing!) and will support those who are older, unhealthy, or more likely to need health care (those with coverage).  In addition, for those employers or citizens who buy plans through an exchange or through a fully insured group health plan,  will pay more on average due to the mandates that started back in 2010.  These include:  health coverage to age 26 for those living at home/college, dental to age 19,  unlimited maximums, no pre-existing conditions, just to highlight a few.

I am looking for a couple of part-time jobs

For employers with more than 50 employees,  we have been working through the logistics of converting many of our clients to a part-time workforce.  While it isn’t for everyone,  many industries cannot afford the burden of paying health insurance for all employees, or cannot pass along those costs in form of price increases for their product.   Employers care about employees, and those that can’t afford to hire full time are even trying to arrange for another employer to make up the difference by hiring their staff when they are not working for them.

The more it stays the same, the more it changes

PPACA is a massive piece of legislation.  By last count, it is more than 20,000 pages of words, much of it subject to interpretation, intent, and implementation (i.e. more words).  The federal Health and Human Services (HHS) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agencies are charged with interpretation and enforcement of this law.  BCN continues to monitor the changes that are made and the deadlines that approach.  As has been demonstrated by our government throughout this process,  nothing is certain until it is implemented.

We’ve got your back

We welcome your questions and debate the implementation of the bill.  While it is tempting to watch the news, and attend $299 seminars, – there is no need because we are your eyes and ears on this matter.  We continue to meet formally every week to discuss what is new, what has changed,  and what is allowed.  We commit to help you through this period by presenting any and all options available, and deploy or help deploy the pieces of PPACA that are required of employers.   Our goal is to allow you to continue to operate your successful business.Stay in touch…

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Andrew (Andy) C. Hans, CEO