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Safe workplace boosts morale and work quality, lessens staff turnover

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When employees work in a good, safe environment, they feel that they can make a difference. There are fewer staff absences, less staff turnover and an improved quality of work.

A safe environment boosts employee morale, increasing productivity, efficiency and profit margins.

There are direct costs related to a work-related accident and Workers’ Compensation claim but also indirect costs that follow workplace injury incidents. How an incident investigation is handled will determine if the employee impact is positive or negative.

Start with a solid investigation

A starting point is to implement BCN Service’s Effective Accident Investigation Program.  Proper and thorough accident investigation is required to mitigate future injuries and assure workers that you take accidents seriously.

Once the accident cause is identified, establish procedures to ensure that similar accidents don’t happen again. It also allows an employer to reestablish a productive worksite environment.

Coordinate a Return-to-Work program and policy

An effective Return-to-Work program is also an important aspect of a successful Workers’ Compensation program. Effective return-to-work includes:

  • Returning employees to work quickly
  • Providing ongoing positive communication
  • Providing assistance during the rehabilitation process

Research shows that companies offering Return-to-Work programs recover faster, and are released from medical care sooner.

No matter how safe a worksite is, accidents can still happen. With BCN Service’s trained professionals you can reduce accident costs and increase employee morale. Contact us for more information.


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