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Tackling the warm weather employee dress code

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Summer brings a spirit of relaxation, freedom and fun. Attitudes may change regarding workplace dress during these warm summer months, so be proactive, than reactive to help employees understand your dress code policies.

Communicate specifics of the warm weather dress code without infringing on religious or cultural attire or workplace safety requirements.

Considerations for a a warm weather dress code

Will a relaxed dress code be implemented when weather becomes warmer, or during a set calender period frame (such as Memorial Day through Labor Day)? Will it be incorporated all week or just on Fridays? What about when clients are visiting the office?

These are all questions to be addressed in a dress code policy.

Communicate with employees, perhaps in writing, addressing what attire is permitted and prohibited. Asking employees to sign off and acknowledge understanding of the policy may be a good business practice.

Do you need to update your employee handbook?

If you would like to update your existing dress code policy in your handbook, let your BCN Partnership Manager know. If you do not have a handbook, we can begin that process. Contact us here if we can help.

A dress code makes good business sense for any company valuing a positive public image and professionalism. Implementing a detailed policy will help you navigate dress code challenges that come with summer.

All of us here at BCN wish you a fun, safe and productive summer season!

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Kate Douglass, Senior Human Resource Generalist