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Take a Step in the Right Direction: Complete a Worksite Safety Analysis

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Frequency and severity are the two main factors that drive up the costs of workers’ compensation.  Frequency means how often claims occur.  Severity means how much claims cost.

In the not-too-distant past, underwriters have given employers a “get out of jail free” card when it came to frequency.  They didn’t give frequency as much weight as they did to severity.  But, times are a-changin.’  In the future, underwriters will give both factors equal footing.  And that’s something to consider when it comes to safety.

What can I do to ensure my workplace is as safe as possible?

One simple thing to you can do:  Periodically review potential hazards through the use of a self-inspection checklist before an injury or incident occurs.  A  checklist helps to identify unsafe or potentially unsafe conditions and practices which are likely to result in injury or illness to an employee.

Ask questions such as this:

  • Are materials stored so they do not stick out or fall?
  • Are emergency exits clearly marked?
  • Are your tools and equipment in good condition?

If asking such questions raises further concerns about safety at your place of business, all the better.  BCN Services can help with that!

Here’s a simple goal to accomplish:  Identify three areas or topics you feel your employees would benefit from regarding safety training and to further advance a safe work environment. Then call BCN Services and let us set up those training sessions for you and your employees.  Most sessions take about 15 minutes.  We’ll also handle the related record-keeping and provide a  “certificate of completion” to each employee showing your commitment to their safety.

Whether you need to start or continue conversation about safety at your place of business, each of these suggestions will help ensure your employees feel comfortable in alerting you or another member of management when they see things that look hazardous or out of place.  That promotes shared responsibility.

Safety experts tell us that every accident or injury is preventable.  Each of these suggestions will help you in improving frequency and severity regarding workers’ compensation claims.

Whether or not you’ve experienced claims in the past, a proactive safety program is an effective way to create and sustain a positive work environment and a successful business for you, your family and your employees.

And that’s definitely a step in the right direction!

Do you have questions about safety in your workplace?  BCN Services can help you assess your situation and create a safety oriented environment. Call us at 1-800-891-9911 or contact us here.


Patrick Boeheim, Risk Manager