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Take time to appreciate, and keep, your employees

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Last year, the U.S Department of Labor reported that the leading reason that employees quit their jobs is due to lack of appreciation. According to a recent survey, 53 percent of employees said they would stay longer at their current job if they received more appreciation from their supervisor. Also, four of five employees reported that they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work. This data is clear evidence that maintaining a happy staff takes more than a competitive salary and benefits.

The good news is that showing appreciation for your employee’s is a simple task.

Try applying these effective appreciation tips from

  • Treat employees as valuable assets, instead of just saying so.
  • Communicate thoroughly and effectively. Sharing information with employees allows them able to take on more responsibility and participate at a higher level. It is important for employees to understand a company’s and supervisor’s expectations.
  • Design reward programs to influence people to develop their potential as contributing employee.
  • Create suggestion programs encouraging employees to contribute ideas and experiences, whether they have a big or small impact on the organization or its customers.
  • Watch for employees who are doing things right, then acknowledge and reward them.
  • Pay attention to the surrounding work environment, making sure that people have satisfactory equipment, furniture and working conditions.
  • Celebrate success. Set a time at regular intervals during the year, especially a difficult day or week, to celebrate companywide achievement.
  • Encourage managers to be the type of supervisors that employees want to work for because of a commitment to developing employees personally and professionally.
  • Have fun! Encourage the organization of employee group activities.

It is important to remind employees how valuable they are to the success of the company.  Engaged employees are committed to the company’s vision and core values, and have a higher sense of self-worth and well-being. Lack of recognition is not only crippling to employees, but it hurts company success. When employees know that their strengths and potential will be recognized, they are more likely to produce more positive efforts and performance.

BCN encourages you to consider building a consistent and on-going recognition program in your workplace.