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Work-life balance: Easy to say. Harder to achieve.

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Your most dedicated employees are likely the ones that struggle with work-life balance.  They are committed to their employer and, in addition to working extra hours, they are likely checking and responding to emails during off hours and even on scheduled vacation days.

Although employers may appreciate, or even encourage, this behavior, this practice may not be good for your employees or for the company.

Several studies show that those who work long hours or feel stressed at work are more apt to have health concerns such as high blood pressure, weakened immune systems and risk of heart attack.  Even those that like their jobs and enjoy their work can get burned out by being “plugged in” too much.

Employers should:

  • Encourage and reward employees who work more efficiently instead of longer hours.
  • Establish a flex-time policy that works for both the company and employees.
  • Offer training opportunities, continuing education and teamwork exercises.
  • Insist employees “unplug” during their scheduled vacation time. If they must be contacted for an unexpected emergency, be sure to reward them or give them additional time off.

Employees should:

  • Take the time to get in some exercise even if it’s simply parking further away from the office or store.
  • Set limits by turning off your phone during family time or your kids’ events.
  • If you must get some work hours in at home, set a designated time and stick to it.
  • Make your work time more productive by prioritizing tasks so you aren’t trying to squeeze them in at the end of the day.

BCN’s professional HR staff can help you sort through your concerns on work-life balance and help you design policies that work for you and your employees.