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30th Anniversary Countdown: Foundational Core Values

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As we count down to the 30th anniversary of BCN Services, we want to highlight our company core values, which provide a foundation and help us to deliver the quality and insight that our customers rely on.

Each core value is deeply rooted within our organization and in each BCN Services employee.

We’re Honest

Its a principle so simple, yet powerful and crucial in the business world. We build trust with each other and our customers by being reliable, respectful and compassionate. When handling HR issues, honesty and transparency is key, so we deliver honest advice to help clients grow their business. Our team wants you to feel supported, cared for and at your very best.

We Listen

We get to know our customers’ business and understand how company culture and HR are key to success. There is no one-size-fits-all model. Business dynamics are constantly evolving and so is the workplace. At BCN, we work with a variety of different industries all trying to manage the changing workforce landscape. Creating relationships with our clients is at the forefront, and it all begins with active listening.

Great collaboration is key to understanding your business. It also plays a large part in another one of our foundational core values:

We Know

At BCN Services, we are your source of expertise in all areas of HR. We work together to find a solution that best fits your organization, so you can grow and run your business successfully. In addition to our knowledge about HR, payroll, workers’ compensation, technology, and benefits, we get to know everything we can about YOUR industry. We work hard to reassure our clients and provide them the most relevant and recent information based on their needs.

We create value for our customers by always thinking forward and making things happen, which brings us to our last, but certainly not least core value. HR is not always easy, so we are here to make the lives of our customers easier. We are constantly learning and adapting so that we can find solutions that are right for your organization. We are committed to the betterment of you and your business.

We Get It Done

The backbone of a business is its people. Every day, it is the people that make the products, deliver the services and drive your business. At BCN, our team works to ensure that the companies we partner with have the tools to do their job well and help grow their business and retain their people. Freeing up CEOs, CFOs, owners, and HR executives to run their day-to-day business and focus on their people is our strong suit and we work to make certain that our core values are represented throughout that partnership.

We look forward to what lies ahead and thank all of our current clients and employees that have made it all possible.

Keep an eye out for next month’s post to read more about BCN Services and our next highlight of the 30-year countdown!

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