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The world of hiring is time-consuming; here are some tips

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If you have hired anyone recently, you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the right talent. A lot of time, energy and expense goes into a recruiting strategy: Crafting a job description, posting and socializing the opportunity, then filtering, screening and interviewing candidates before presenting a job offer and onboarding the new employee.

Much of this is done before an employee has even started with your organization. Once you find someone great for your team, you absolutely want to keep them and find more of them. Here are some ideas on how to attract and retain these great employees.

Tips for attracting and retaining good employees

  • Employee Benefits: If you currently offer benefits, it may be time to evaluate your offerings, premiums, and program flexibility. If you don’t offer them, consider what it would take to put together a package for your employees. Include benefits such as healthcare, 401(k) an even pet insurance. Such a package could be a real dealmaker for attracting and retaining talent in your organization.
  • Educate: Employees appreciate a genuine concern for their future and well-being. Offering an ongoing educational series is a way to show your appreciation. This leads to engaged employees which is a hallmark of a growing, healthy business. Educating your employees on the importance of saving for the future using 401(k) or Health Savings Account plans, coaching performance and sexual harassment training are frequent training topics for our clients here at BCN Services.
  • Highlight your company’s culture. Do you know what makes your company great? How do you stand out from others in your industry or area? Have you identified your core values? Create a list of what makes your company unique or special. Be sure to solicit feedback from your staff. List all the items from Root Beer Float Day and Ice Cream Socials to celebrating birthdays and accomplishments. Use this information in your recruiting efforts. The smallest things could have the biggest impact on showcasing culture and attracting great talent.
  • Communication, communication, communication! Be sure that employees know what is expected of them and communicate that clearly and frequently. Create an open door policy and welcome feedback. Employees want to stay with organizations that have clear expectations, celebrated accomplishments and success. Not only do employees want to stay, but they also want to succeed.

We are here to help you plan for the future

BCN Services offers next level HR support, so you can focus on operating and expanding your business. If you are an HR manager, CFO, or a business owner, let’s talk about how BCN Services can put together an individualized plan for your benefit offerings, retirement savings plans and help educate your team.

We look forward to exploring ways that we can help your business grow!