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Back-to-school season benefits employees as well as kids

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It’s that time of year.  The days are getting shorter and cooler.  We’re sending our kids back to school, but what about our employees?

September is not typically the time of year that companies start new initiatives or take on additional expenses, but there are many continuing education opportunities available to employees in the fall, and business owners would do well to take note.

Whether you want to have a new manager trained, certify your professional staff, or simply learn more about the latest and greatest trends in your field, there are training options out there for your employees and for you .

Community Colleges
Many colleges and universities offer targeted training opportunities.  Whether you or your employee are working toward a degree, a professional certification or simply have an interest in a specific topic, most colleges and universities accommodate working schedules including offering evening and weekend classes at convenient times.

Both professional associations and independent training academies offer a wide variety of both on-site seminars and on-line webinars.  Whether you want your Project Manager to improve his organizational skills or your Administrative Assistant to have a stronger Excel base, business seminars may be a cost-effective alternative to a collegiate classroom.

BCN University
Have a new manager – or a manager that needs to brush up on her people skills?  Consider BCN’s Learning Management System for self-study sessions on a variety of topics including “Conflict Management,”  “Be an Effective Manager” or “Dealing with Difficult Workplace Behaviors.”

Have a need for targeted safety training?  “Hazard Communication,”  “Forklift Safety,” “ Blood-borne Pathogens” and many others can be found in our safety library which is available to BCN Services clients at no additional cost.

As always, the BCN Services Human Resources team is available to discuss specific situations in your workplace and help guide you with any and all employee matters, including training. Contact us at 800-891-9911 or contact us here.




Sue Kester, HR Manager