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A strong safety culture has big impact on reducing workplace accidents

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According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), developing a strong safety culture has the single greatest impact on accident reduction of any workplace practice. That is why this in your workplace should always be a top priority for managers and supervisors in your organization.

What is a Safety Culture?

A safety culture consists of shared beliefs, practices and mindsets that exist at an organization and form an atmosphere of attitudes that shape behavior in a positive way. An organization’s safety culture is a direct result of the following factors:

  • Management and employee norms, assumptions and beliefs
  • Management and employee attitudes
  • Values, myths and stories
  • Policies and procedures
  • Supervisor priorities, responsibilities and accountability
  • Production and bottom-line pressure versus quality issues
  • Actions, or lack thereof, to correct unsafe behaviors
  • Employee training and motivation
  • Employee involvement and buy-in to the process

Four simple steps will ensure this type of work environment. Making these changes will save you money and increase your staff’s productivity:

  1. Total management buy-in and leadership.  Without the top brass believing in safety, there will be no employee involvement.  That’s up to you.
  2. Complete a worksite analysis.  BCN Services can perform such an analysis free of charge at your place of business that will establish a baseline and allow you to measure future improvements.
  3. Hazard prevention and control.  BCN Services will help you identify hazards that may be corrected in one of three ways:  Engineering controls, administrative controls or the use of personal protective equipment.
  4. Ongoing, individualized training.  BCN Services has more than 250 on-line safety courses available to you, covering a vast range of industries, environments, topics, and issues that are all OSHA compliant.  We will design and create a specialized library of online courses just for you at no charge.

Please contract Patrick Boeheim at 800-891-9911, ext. 108, to arrange a time for a productive and informative “safety walk-through.” We are excited to show you the special services available.  At BCN Services, we are here to support your efforts at starting and maintaining a strong safety culture.



Patrick Boeheim, Risk Manager