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An employer brand can be a great recruitment strategy

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As employers with open positions to fill, we often consider what we’re looking for in a candidate.

We assess knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform at an acceptable level in the position.  We think about the professional characteristics of employees who have been successful in the position in the past.  We visualize how we want the new hire to interact with our team. Then we advertise to reach out to potential candidates explaining what we’re looking for.

But how many of us consider what our ideal candidates want in a company and promote ourselves to them? Recruiting is as much marketing as it is a human resources and management venture.

What’s important to your target employee pool?

What attracts their attention?  What are they looking for in employment?  Consider what you can offer and what characteristics of your company will make them proud to be your employee.

Are there benefits, working arrangements, or opportunities for development and growth you offer that they will find of value?

These are all questions we should consider as we promote our company with every position we post.

Branding can promote to prospective employees

Creating an “employer brand” that appeals to your preferred candidates is a key component to effective recruiting.  You want to be sure the avenues you’re using to get the word out about your position reach candidates who are not only qualified, but who will also identify with your employer brand.  Be sure to sell the company to your potential candidates.

Your brand also shapes the message you’re communicating.  Many times employees aren’t just looking for work, but they want to know they will belong to an organization that they can be proud of, a company with practices they support, and one with philosophies that resonate with them.

Do you have a passion for supporting the community, empowering specific people groups, environmental responsibility, or sharing a love for your product with the world?  Sell that!

Communicate the things that make you a great employer. Maybe it’s your work environment, flexible work arrangements, or a culture of fun in the midst of productivity.

Then show what you have to offer candidates. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself as an employer and attract the candidates who will be most successful in your business.

Trisha Crigger, Human Resources Generalist