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Resolve to improve productivity in the new year with 5 simple strategies

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Now is the time of the year where every website, magazine or television show has their annual take on resolutions for the New Year.  BCN Services has compiled its own list from various sources around the web and what has worked for us, as well.

The key to successful resolutions is threefold: having a plan, reviewing the plan and making necessary adjustments to the plan throughout the year.  The suggestions listed below are simple and cost-effective things to implement and, hopefully, will have a positive impact on your business success in the new year.

  1. Plan out each day.  There is an ongoing debate in business coaching about whether it is better to plan your day the night before or first thing in the morning.  Either way, the important thing is to make a plan.  A great way to get started is to identify the top five things that will make the day a success and outline when and what needs to be accomplished.  Another key tip, is to be specific.  Research shows that the more specific you are with plans and goals the more often you will them.
  2. Get control of your email.  We hear complaints about managing email from clients all the time.  Everyone has increased access to email, texting, and data in general with the proliferation of smartphones, and tablets. Several studies have shown people who schedule email management time with beginning and end times are more productive and less stressed than those who reach for their email constantly or whenever they hear an email notification.  Another great tip: Code your emails based on urgency, action needed and/or if others needs to be involved.
  3. Meeting management.   Employees everywhere complain about too many meetings, nonproductive meetings and meetings that last too long.  Here are some tips to alleviate meeting madness:
    • Always have an agenda and distribute it ahead of time.
    • Set a specific time limit and stick to it.  Several Fortune 1000 companies have started limiting meetings to 15 minutes.
    • A more radical idea that has become popular is to only have meetings where everyone stands to energize and shorten meetings.  Research has shown that this keeps employees focused and on point.
  4. Motivate employees.  A motivated workforce can move mountains and improve overall morale.  Employees are more motivated when they have clear goals, when collaboration is welcome and when they are not micromanaged.  Work with employees to set clear goals they understand and allow them to have a say in the goal, why it is important and plan for rewards or consequences goal if a goal is not achieved.
  5. Recharge.  Americans waste more vacation and paid time off than any other country.  Everyone, including owners, managers and employees need to time to recharge their batteries, sharpen the saw and reflect.  Encourage employees to take time and make sure that you do as well.

All of us at BCN Services wish you and your staff a safe and successful new year!

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